Maureen is my right hand woman. She keeps me sane, she keeps our home well-organized, she gives me the time to work, and she wears a smile on her face .. ALL the time! I rely on her so much. To say that I juggle this madness on my own is not fair, and simply not true. It would do her a huge disservice if I pretended that I did it all, because I simply don’t. We are a TEAM.

Nannies’ efforts and hard work should be acknowledged and appreciated. The most challenging experience nannies go through is leaving their families. It is not easy leaving your own family to take care of another family. Do not hound them with work. Respect their time off. Appreciate them.

They are sometimes socially isolated, working 40 or 50 hours a week caring for the house. This is not healthy for their mental well being. They need social interaction. Take them out. Give them a day off. Just like you would go crazy if you didn’t go out often, they feel the same.

Buy them things from time to time. Give them a raise or a bonus! Let them feel appreciated.

It may be paid work, but caring for a child takes heart, commitment and compromises. Parents should recognize a nanny’s efforts. No matter how busy parents are, they can always say “thank you.” Saying thanks makes them feel very happy and appreciated.

Always remember to create an atmosphere of respect, trust and understanding.

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