Too many people I want to thank!!!

First of all, I want to thank God for granting me the opportunity to get the best treatment, for giving me all the strength I need to go through this, for giving me a supportive family, amazing parents, and a compassionate, loving husband.

Mom and dad, your endless support and love has given me strength and power to survive through this. Thank you for bearing with me through my bad and good moments. Dad you are my hero. Mom you are the mother I hope to be for my kids. Thank you both for your patience, attentiveness and for taking care of me with passion throughout this journey. And thank you for filling our home with laughter, and positive energy all the time. Mom your cooking has made me survive this! I will definitely be asking you for the recipes to share on my blog :). Thank you for being strong and being there with me through this whole journey. Dad, thank you for your continual lovingness, support and for making sure I have all that I need. Most importantly, thank you both for that beautiful energy you always have, and for passing it to me :).

Riad, your strength, the way you handled this is indescribable. You always made me feel so loved and so pretty. You would lift my spirits up, and made me laugh when I was feeling down. You have an explanation and wise answers for everything I say and that would instantly make me feel better. Thank you for always having that smile on your face and for being so supportive, understanding and encouraging. I am truly blessed to have you as my husband, my best friend and my partner.

Maha, you have showed me the true meaning of sisters. Your deep concern and continuous care means a lot. I can’t believe you’ve wasted all your vacation to come and be with me. During the times you were not here with us, it still felt like you were. You were aware of all what was happening. You were my guidance, and your research for anything that arose was of GREAT help. You gave me a great push for making it through. I love you too much.

Moe, my cute little brother, your sense of humor and energy made me smile during my weakest times. I looked forward to the weekends to have you around. Thank you for being like a big brother.   

My mother-in-law, your visit meant a lot to me. I was very happy to see you and spend time with you. I am so lucky to have a kindhearted, and thoughtful mother-in-law who I consider as my friend.  

Auntie Mona & Auntie Layla, I still can’t erase the image of both of you jumping around in the lobby when you saw us. Great surprise to all of us; you have brought with you laughter and positive vibe. Thank you.

Tarek, you are the last person I expected to show up! You had your sister’s wedding and you were on vacation. Your visit made me feel so special, and gave me all the energy I needed to go out and enjoy our time. It was truly a lovely, and thoughtful surprise. Thank you.

Dina, thank you for wasting all my energy during our phone conversations that would last for at least 30 minutes :), which I truly enjoyed. I appreciate your continuous phone calls (knowing how busy you were at this point) and for the lovely entertainments and stories you always had to share.

Bassem, thank you for helping in designing my blog and for teaching me how to be a master in WordPress.

Moudy, “Good friends are like stars .. you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there”. You are the reason behind this blog. Thank you for giving me the idea to start one, and for going through the trouble of creating one for me. Never thought I would be able to write, but you pushed me to. Your inspiring words were really helpful, “go out there and put make up, dress fashionably, that’s what people will see! Look pretty at your worst times. If you let go, give up and try to hide or cover, that’s what they will see too: a scared person who is afraid of people more than her actual fortune.” Thank you for being a true, old friend.

Lina, thank you for your patience, understanding, friendship and for taking care of Cygne. You have helped me exercise my mind, fighting against chemo brain :).

Rassil, I’ll miss our late night gossips. Your visits made me crave for the energy I used to have, but will definitely restore :). Thank you.

Ashley, although we met only once but you were a great push and you helped me deal with this in a positive way. Thank you.

Finally, I want to express gratitude & appreciation to ALL my family & friends who called and messaged. I wish I could name each and every single one of you, but that would be an endless list.



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