This blog is an eye-opener about ovarian cancer, particularly Immature Teratoma, and provides information on what to expect through the entire journey. It sheds light on the psychological aspect of cancer, and talks about people’s reactions from a personal experience.
In my opinion, a large part of surviving the journey and making it through is your state of mindyour attitude towards cancer. It is all about being POSITIVE. “Everything happens for a reason”, something I now strongly believe in. I came to realize that being diagnosed with cancer can be a positive turning point. You might be thinking that I’m being too optimistic. Well, I viewed this journey as a challenge and an experience, and this gave me all the motivation needed to go through this. I tried to avoid the questions, “Why me?”, “Why now?”, “Do I deserve this?”, there are no answers to these questions, and they will not make things any better; in fact they will just put you down and lead you nowhere. I lived a very fast-paced lifestyle. Although I was enjoying how busy I was, life was going by too fast. After discovering I had cancer, life all of a sudden stopped. There was a pause. That’s when I was able to reflect upon how important life is, and how important people in my life were. It brought me closer to the people that mattered and strengthened my relationship with my loved ones. Going through this journey made me a stronger person and taught me not to take things for granted as cliche as that might sound.

This blog is mainly intended for people going through the same experience in the aim to know what to expect, and help them embrace this journey by being very strong and optimistic. It is also intended to raise awareness to the general public about Ovarian Immature Teratoma, its treatment and what to expect from the society.



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