Today marks my FOUR year anniversary of completing treatment! This is a day where I feel gratitude and accomplishment. I was thrown on a path I would have never thought to endure at this stage in my life BUT it turned out to become one of the most cherished experiences in my life.

I sit here and reflect back on this short detour. Cancer came my way at a young age. Unexpected and so soon! Yet, looking back, I have no sense of regret. It was a short pause in my life that strengthened my relationship with myself, my family and friends, and most importantly, God. I developed a strong sense of acceptance of any encounters I may face as a challenge to overcome, learn from, and grow. Train your brain to look at things from this perspective. It really does work! Things do happen for a reason (if we believe it); whether to make us stronger, teach us a lesson or simply for an unknown reason that you will figure out along the way. Faith is something within, and this will put you at ease when “unpleasant” events come your way. It’s up to you to train your mind to look at those events with a positive attitude.

I always like to remind myself to always find the “good” in people. Never pre- judge. Treat people with respect. Keep smiling, it’s contagious.

My goal in this journey is to shed light on lifestyle, health, food allergies and to share any encounters and discoveries along my way from motherhood, baby fun, recipes (particularly allergy-friendly recipes) and more. It’s amazing how I sometimes bump into people and they tell me that I inspire them. It boosts my confidence and makes me smile from the inside, and pushes me forward to keep sharing my journey with you. I hope to, someday, continue making a difference in people’s lives, inspire them and uplift them. Let every incident in your life be a reminder to always try and live your best life. Life is a roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs. Try to find the silver lining and blessings in every situation. They are there!

As I always like to remind myself and others, you will never go back to who you were, so acknowledge how you are, and work on what you want to become.

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