How comforting would an allergy mom feel if her friends/relatives were attentive of her child’s allergy? Simple things friends/relatives could do

* Don’t judge her actions or her being over protective. Praise her instead.

* Avoid talking about food in general; she needs to be disconnected because most of her day revolves around providing safe food for her child.

* If her child is having a play date with yours, make sure your child’s food is safe/allergen-free; or simply ask her to bring some extra snacks so your little one can share the same food. It shows you care.

* Always remember to wash your child’s hands/face (as well as yours) – kids can get an allergic reaction by touch; let her enjoy her time without feeling tensed.

* If you’re hanging out at a home, try to pick up crumbs (if any), or don’t think she’s a freak if she follows your child around picking up their crumbs.

* Try to avoid saying, “Oh I’m sure he will grow out of it!” because no one can ever be sure! So just simply ask her when is his next blood test? I hope he outgrows something!

* If you are having a get together at your place, try to invite her ahead of time so she has enough time to prepare snacks.

Always remember whatever her actions are, don’t judge her. Her child’s safety is her priority!

This is my perspective only and that’s the information I gathered from being around mothers with kids without food allergies & relatives and what I wish they would consider.



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