First day of nursery starts tomorrow! Yes tomorrow! Time flies so fast, feels like yesterday my son came to this world. I am going through an emotional rollercoaster yet super excited for his nursery; especially that planning is involved. So to put my mind at ease and with my organizational addiction, I started planning ahead of time (3 weeks ahead, oops!).

Starting off with the name labels, I got personalized labels from [they ship within Lebanon and UAE]. I had to make sure they stick well. They have a nursery pack that includes iron-on labels for clothes & shoes. Love it!

Next was his meal planning. Since he has food allergies, I must have his breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks all on paper! I may be going over the limit, but given all the things on my mind, documenting everything is the only way to keep my thoughts organized and insures that everything goes smooth and of course keeps me sane!


And then just a few days before nursery day, I started preparing the meals! I Cooked several dishes and stored them in freezer.

And finally, his nursery bag!! A list of things was sent out to parents, and I added a few:

* Sun screen and sun hat (if there is going to be outdoor activities)
* Change of clothes (including underwear and jacket)
* Diapers & diaper rash cream
* Water wipes or cotton pads (if you prefer your son to be clean with cotton & water)
* Pacifier (if your child uses one) and a favourite toy (if required)
* Non-slip socks (if you don’t want your child walking barefoot)
* Snack/lunch box and water bottle
* Allergy kit OR any required medication(s)

Stock up on water wipes or cotton pads and diapers and keep them at the nursery in your child’s box. Also, make sure you speak to the nurse if you do not wish that your child is given any sort of medication without your consent. Oh and save the nursery’s number and add it to your favorites 🙂



  1. Hahahaha we are so excited about nursery im wondering what are we going to do when they start school!!!
    I hope they make the best of it *fingers crossed*

    Good luck Nadeemo !

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