The best part about being pregnant was preparing for my little one. I was getting so tempted to buying all those cute little baby clothes yet I really didn’t want to overdo it with buying unnecessary things. I wanted to be practical and rational. So prior to giving birth, I spent quite some time preparing a list of the essentials needed (did some edits after my son was born). You really are going to thank me, as this would save you A LOT of time 🙂

I divided the list into 7 different categories:

1- Bathing
2- Health
3- Diapering
4- Breastfeeding
5- Baby gear
6- Clothing
7- Others

I mention below the brand I purchased for some items. This is really a personal preference. There are many other good brands as well, so explore all possible brands and choose what you like most.


Ahhhh !!!! To me, his shower was the scariest thing. Wasn’t able to do it without my mama (well technically you can’t do anything without her J)! So basically what you need is obviously a bathtub (I got Stokke flexi bath with support and Summer Infant Right Height). At first, I thought one would do the job; but I have actually used both and still using Stokke flexi bath. You also need 4 hooded bath towels, and 9 washcloths (I got different colors so that I can use different color cloth for his face, body and little butt. I also use a cloth to avoid getting peed on while changing his diaper). Don’t forget the shampoo & body wash. As you may know me by now, I prefer organic products. So I found this really good organic brand for babies called babyganics, you can purchase them from You can also get organic soap bars from “Khan Al Saboun”; I mainly used it on his body because it burns if it gets in the eyes. Don’t forget moisturizing daily lotion: also got it from and the brand is Babyganics. I use it to massage my baby after his bath; it relaxes him.

And finally, a sponge, bath non-slip mat, bathtub toys; these will be used later on but I just got excited and so had to buy them. SKIP*HOP has really cool stuff. I got the sponge from amazon and love it (baby buddy). I started using it when he turned 5 months, I was using my hands before; I mean he doesn’t get that dirty.


You definitely need a rectal thermometer (it is the most accurate, that’s what the doctor told me at least); but it wouldn’t harm to also get the ear thermometer so that you can monitor your baby’s temperature during the night (if he/she has fever).

You also need a manicure set, and baby brush. I personally prefer to wash his clothes separately so I got laundry detergent and I also got a dishwashing liquid; purchased them from I’m just in love with this website. The brand is called Attitude.

I always have cotton with me wherever I go. I like to wipe his face and especially his mouth with water after each feeding, so rounded cottons come in handy. You can also use them if you’re outside and want to wipe his butt when changing his diaper.

I purchased a nasal aspirator and saline solution; I was using the nasal aspirator to clear my baby’s nose; it works easily, gently and effectively. But recently I was told not to use it so I’m still not sure about it. I also use saline solution for his nose to moisten and loosen up the mucus before trying to suction it out.

Teething toys come in handy when they start teething. A great distraction!


Diapers, diapers, diapers! The mostly used item when you have a baby. I personally preferred Huggies. Remember to always keep one size bigger at home; you never know when your baby outgrows his diaper size. I also got diaper disposal sacks/trash bags; I love them. They are scented and so you don’t need to worry about leaving a bad smell behind you. You can also throw in dirty clothes and put it in the diaper bag! Baby wipes, and of course I got them from; the brand is Babyganics, and there is also another good brand called Water Wipes (purchased them from I tend to avoid using baby wipes at home, I simply wash him with water and soap. Don’t forget diaper rash cream; also got it from and the brand is Babyganics. Always check the expiration date!

The most important item to me from this list was the diaper bag. I wanted to get one that didn’t really look like a diaper bag [since that’s all I will be carrying for quite some time], and at the same time I wanted something that was well organized and had large main compartments. It took me a while until my cousin recommended a really cool one. I purchased it from amazon and the brand is Lassig. The one I purchased is Lassig Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag (it comes in 6 different colors) and I just love it!


That’s something you will be doing for quite some time (if you plan on breastfeeding of course). So a nursing cover is a must! I recommend a brand called Bebe au lait. It has a wire where it lets you easily see your baby and it has a cloth inside and a pocket. It’s great! You will also need nursing pads: I got disposable nursing pads to use at home, and washable ones to use for when I go out; some nursing bras come with washable nursing pads. I didn’t really use an ointment for my nipples, but if you feel the need to then I recommend lanolin ointment. You will also need around 6 burp cloths; I got those big ones that cover a large area on your shoulder (from Carter’s).

If you are planning on expressing milk, then I advise to get an electrical breast pump. I got at first a manual one since I knew I wouldn’t be expressing a lot, but it was taking too long! I got a Medela breast pump, and it comes with bottles. Make sure the bottles are BPA free and avoid plastic bottles with grades 3, 6 and 7. You will also need to get bottlebrushes and a sterilizer (I got the Avent one). You will also need the sterilizer for the pacifiers.


Do your research and make sure you are really comfortable when you decide on a stroller, that’s the most important baby ride!!! I got the Bugaboo bee. I started checking out different strollers way ahead of time until I decided on this one. Take your time in choosing your stroller as you need to be totally convinced and you need something that is practical based on your whereabouts and where you live. I also got some stroller accessories like a stroller organizer, stroller mosquito net, and a stroller cup holder.

A baby carrier was very handy especially during travels. I got the LILLEbaby because it has a mesh insert for temperature control and comfort for baby. It is also 100% cotton. It also has 6 different carrying positions, and does not require an extra infant insert for newborn babies like most baby carriers.

A second very important item is an infant car seat: I got the Cybex. Some advised to get a convertible car seat but I felt that babies are more cocooned in the infant car seat, and safer! I also got a car mirror, haven’t used it yet as I am always sitting in the back with him J).


You will be soooo tempted to buying a lot of clothes, like really a lotttt!!! But trust me, the first 2-3 months, your little one will be in his pyjama MOST of the time! Okay maybe you’ll put on a nice outfit for a picture but really babies are in their pyjamas most of the time! So what do you really need?

[0-3 MONTHS]
*Underwear [short and long sleeves], 10 of each
*6 pyjamas
*6 onesies
*3 cotton pans
*Shirts [long and short sleeves], 3 of each
*2 jackets
*3 pairs of socks
*3 hats
*2 swaddle blanket
*3 blankets 

[3-6 MONTHS]

*Underwear [short and long sleeves], 10 of each
*6 pyjamas
*6 onesies
*6 cotton pans
*Shirts [long and short sleeves], 6 of each
*2 pairs of jeans
*4 outer layer overall

This list I am sharing is for my baby BOY! I did not get any Newborn sizes! I felt they were too small and didn’t feel the need for them, and I managed perfectly well without them. I also did not get any gloves, most pyjamas come with “built-in” gloves.

Underwears are the most essential! Depending on the weather climate, you would know whether you would need short or long sleeves. I like to use the long sleeves underwear during the night. I got white plain ones from Carter’s, really good cotton. Also check out, they have amazing and simple clothing with good quality cotton!

For the pyjamas, I purchased a lot of cute ones at the beginning, but then I ended up using only those that were practical. For example, I would use the ones with a zipper for the night, so much easier and time saving especially that you will be changing his diaper a lot. There are also ones with side clips, I felt they were also more practical.

I got him few matching outfits (cotton pans with shirts and jackets) for 0-3 so that he feels he’s not in his pyjs all day. Don’t overdo it though as you will not be going out a lot the first few months (especially if you are breastfeeding), and they tend to outgrow this size pretty quickly.

Swaddle blanket: this is very useful when he is just few weeks old. I took a course on how to take care of your newborn and I learnt that when babies are in your womb, they are in a swaddled/cocooned position with their arms and legs so close to their body. Once they are out and asleep, any arm/leg movement will startle them and will wake up crying. So swaddling your baby helps him/her sleep better.

Blankets are useful when going out. I always dress him in the same number of layers I’m wearing myself, plus one. His plus-one is most of the time a blanket.

I went a bit crazy with his 3-6 months clothes. That’s when we will be able to go out more often and so he will need cute outfits.


So many things you can get for your little one, the list can go on and on but some extra things that are necessary are pacifiers (they come for different age groups; I would advise to get 4 for each age group), sterilizer (you need a sterilizer if you are planning on expressing; I got the Avent), bottle brushes, and bibs (you will need a lot of them!).

Enjoy baby shopping 🙂 

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