I woke up this morning full of energy. It usually takes me around 2 weeks to get my energy back, not my full energy though. But at least some energy that gets me to go out for few hours. I was really excited that I was going back home in few days! I think all this energy came from the excitement :). I also felt that I am ready to go back to my old dietary lifestyle. You do gain weight during chemo, and you get bloated (a lot!!). That’s because there is little movement, and your metabolism rate is half what it used to be. I didn’t gain a lot of weight because I was eating healthy, but I do need to lose the extra weight I gained. I just didn’t know when to start. I was told that I should wait for few months until all the chemo drug effects are out of my system. But that’s just too long!!!! I just felt that if I am psychologically ready, then my body should be. Going back home, and starting off my life the way I left it is a good step to closing the chapter and starting a new one.

I was really happy that I shared my blog before arriving to Lebanon. I was surprised by people’s support! This made me even more excited to going back, and even more ready!!! I feel like I will go back home without having to tell people that I am doing GREAT, and that I handled it very well. Everyone knows exactly what I went through, so I saved myself a good amount of questions :).

My first week in Lebanon is already planned! I can’t wait to see my family & friends. I already booked an appointment for my nails!! I will get a massage, and a facial!!! Don’t forget you need to spoil yourself. You deserve it. The only thing that’s still missing on the menu is sushi and coffee!

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