“When will my hair start growing back?”, I am sure any cancer patient done with chemo eagerly wants an answer to that question.

September 19. 2013 was the first night I leave the house without covering my head. That is exactly 2 months after chemo. I went to a restaurant, and just removed my hat. Simple! I felt I need to slowly take the initiative instead of just leaving the house with nothing on. And I just went out there the next day with nothing on, felt great :):). My husband was very encouraging and was the one who was persuading me that it was about time to go out without covering. I was afraid that people will stare and I would get frustrated. Well, if you think about it, they will stare whether you have a hat on or not. So you might as well go out there feeling comfortable. It will take around 2 months until your hair becomes thick, where basically you can’t see your scalp. Here’s a picture taken few days after September 19.

This is when people will think you got a hair cut “a la garçonne”. Sometimes I am asked, “Oh you got a hair cut?” And I just think to myself, “do you think I’m THAT crazy?” I sometimes answer, “yes don’t you like it?” And sometimes I explain to them. Depending on my mood and who is asking ;). Short hair cut is very in these days. This turned out to my advantage.

A small advice: take a picture on a white background every month to see the progress. It’s pretty cool when you put the pictures next to one another and compare, and pretty scary how fast hair grows.


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