You’re so excited that you are done with chemo, and you think this is it, FINITO! I’m back to my old routine, my life. Well not so fast!!

The thing is you are probably soooo happy that you are done (not probably, definitely), and you feel you just want to start doing the things you miss doing the most. Although the chemo drugs need around 3 weeks to be out of your system, but the side effects take much more time to disappear. It probably varies from one person to another. But from my personal experience (and as I write this, it’s been 2 months since I am done with chemo), the side effects are still kicking in sometimes. Basically you need to REST! I still experience some joint pain, back pain, bone pain, and fatigue. It’s definitely not as major as it was during chemo, but when you make an extra effort, then it will get worse. Yet again, I always think, how do I know that I can do the things I used to do? How can I know that I am better if I don’t try to exercise for example? Well I advise you to take it slowly and easy. Wait 2 months at least and start doing things bit by bit. I am going to start swimming, which I think is the “lightest” form of exercise. Remember, chemo has literally knocked you off and killed your good cells, so you need to slowly get back on track. I mean even when you fall, you feel you can’t get up quickly; and during chemo you have collapsed and not only fallen 😛

I got back to work on September 15; it was pretty tiring to go to work for long hours especially that every now and then I feel I just need to stretch out my arms and legs. Well it will take time to get used to it, you just need to be patient. Your body will slowly re-energize and you will feel better day by day.  Your good cells are getting regenerated, so be easy on yourself 🙂


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