Many times we ask ourselves the question, “why me” when things happen, when things go wrong. Well, things happen, and we often think that things are too far from happening to us. There are some events that you cannot control in your life but what you CAN control is how you respond to those events and your attitude towards them.

WHY ME? Why did this happen to ME? What have I done to deserve this? These questions used to echo in my head when I was diagnosed with cancer and I never got an answer. I never really understood why this was happening to me. Well, luckily, I have come across the answer along my journey and it simply is, WHY NOT ME?!

What makes ME better than others? What is so special and unique about ME that this should not be happening to ME?

Think of these questions whenever you feel that you are about to get in the world of “why me” thoughts. Take a pause, talk to yourself and ask yourself these questions. Put the “why me” question behind you, accept the current events and learn how to deal with them. This will help you move forward and build a more positive attitude. You become less worried and stressed, and you will have more energy to be able to figure things out. Simply think of life as a flow of change, chaos and beauty!

Everything happens for a reason, so look at the event with acceptance, positivity, openness, and understand the lesson that can be learned and simply let things flow naturally forward in whatever direction!


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