A blissful journey … that’s how I like to view my journey no matter what bumps I encounter along the path!

The day I was told about my cancer, thoughts of whether I am able to conceive took over my mind. My husband and I always said we wanted to wait 4 years and then have kids; but then that moment when you think that there may be a chance that “having a child” MAY no longer be an option for you, that’s when you start wanting it most. It’s true when they say, “once you can’t have something, that’s when you want it most”. Those thoughts weren’t spoken out loud; we just both knew what each was thinking.

Doctors have recommended waiting 2 years after having finished chemo to try to conceive since recurrence rate of the cancer is highest during the first 2 years. So it was better to rest assured that everything is normal. THANKFULLY, everything was!

Time flew by so fast; Between work, travelling, spending time with family & friends … 2 years have actually passed since I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Hair grew longer, energy came back, and I was back on my feet! That phase of my life was literally over. But I never look at it as a “closed” chapter of my life; instead it has pushed me up the ladder so high that I feel now I am well equipped to face any incident that I may encounter in my life. My journey has been a major turning point in my life that has had a great impact on so many levels and I do not regret a single part of it.

Few weeks after my yearly check up in 2015, I had some wonderful news to share. I found out I was pregnant! We were filled with joy, happiness, anxiety, and eagerness. It was a GREAT feeling.

To all those wondering, YES, you can conceive if you have ONE ovary, and YES you can conceive if you WERE EVER DIAGNOSED WITH OVARIAN CANCER. It’s all in God’s hands; you just got to believe in the path chosen for you.



  1. Dear Donna, first off- big and hearty congrats! As a mom of 2, I know the joys that accompany motherhood.

    So happy for you and for your family and a big praise to God for giving you such inspiring testimony. I have shared your page with a friend who was similarly diagnosed and thankfully, she has been declared cancer free this January. Reading your journals was one of the resources God sent her way to keep going in particular when the days were bleak.

    I wish you all the very best in the future and pray God’s hands perfect all that concerns you.

    • Hello Funke. Thank you so much for your kinds words. I am really glad my blog reached out to your friend and helped her out! Congrats on her being cancer free 🙂 I wish you and your family good health always xx

  2. very inspiring, u r a wonderful example, how u can turn pain with ur strong will into happiness and a great hope! god bless u and ur new fruitful chapter of life!

  3. Dear Donna, I saw your blog 2 years ago, one of my friends actually shared it on fb. Ever since that day I always read your blogs and followed on isntagram also. Im really impressed by your spirit and optimisim in Life! Your such a role model!! I enjoy reading your posts! U are an inspiration…
    Im so happy for you I wish u a smooth pregnancy and safe delivery. Pregnancy is such a nice phase in life. I delivered 1 month ago I got a baby boy so I know you will enjoy this phase of your life!
    Hope i can meet you one day face to face and get to know this strong courage person in real life.

    • Hello Fatima. Thank you so much for your kind words. Congrats on your new born, may he be blessed with a healthy life. Hope we can meet one day, you never know 🙂


  4. What a strong and beautiful young lady you are!!!!! Such an inspiration to all!!!
    May this new chapter be,starting with the birth of your baby, a continuous path to happiness.
    You deserve the best

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