* Don’t overdo it – do not eat high-calorie foods that compensate for the fasting hours.

* Keep it healthy: make sure each meal has complex rather than simple carbs, no refined sugar, a healthy protein & plenty of color.

* Drink water, water & water. Try to drink around 2 L of water to replenish the cells in your body between Iftar and Suhoor.

* Reduce intake of oil and sugar in your food as it makes you feel lazy & less energetic.

* Avoid carbonated drinks.

* Fruits are a better option than fruit juices as they are rich in fiber.

* Replace rice with quinoa or brown rice (whole grains)

* Try not to drink too much tea especially at Suhoor as it can increase fluids lost through urination.

* Fasting shouldn’t be an excuse not to exercise. Even simple body weight exercises in the comfort of your home can do!

Happy Fasting!

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