As I was reading through the book, I was lucky enough to find that the author has outlined 7 essential keys for good health. For those of you who did not read my previous post, the book is called “The Rejuvenation Enzyme” by Dr. Shinya. There’s this sentence that he uses a lot in his book, “you are what you eat”, and really as you read through the book, you will feel the true meaning behind this sentence. I will mention few keys that I personally think are applicable, and that I have fully understood.

A. So what should a good diet constitute of?

It should constitute of 85-90% of plant-based food, and 10-15% animal-based proteins.

85-90% Plant-based food

*50% whole grains, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, barley, cereals, whole grain bread & beans (e.g.,  soybeans, kidney beans, lentils, black, white & pink beans)
*30% green and yellow vegetables and root vegetables (e.g., potatoes, carrots, yams and beets, & sea vegetables)
*5-10% fruits, seeds & nuts

10-15% animal-based proteins (no more than 85 to 115 grams per day)

*Any time of fish but preferably small fish as the larger fish contain mercury
*Small amounts of poultry: chicken, turkey, duck
*Limit or avoid beef, lamb, veal pork
*Soymilk, soy cheese, rice milk, almond milk

B. What foods should you add to your diet?

*Herbal teas
*Seaweed tablets (kelp)
*Brewers yeast (good source of B complex vitamins and minerals)
*Bee pollen and propolis
*Enzyme supplements
*Multivitamin & mineral supplement

C. What foods & substances should you avoid or limit in your diet?

*Dairy products such as cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt, other milk products
*Japanese green tea, Chinese tea, English tea (limit to 1-2 cups per day)
*Sweets and sugar
*Fat and oils
*Regular table salt (Use sea salt with trace minerals)

D. Few dietary recommendations:

*Stop eating and drinking 4-5 hours before bedtime
*Chew every mouthful 30-50 times
*Do not eat between meals except for whole fruit (If hunger keeps you awake a piece of whole fruit may be eaten one hour before bedtime as it digests quickly)
*Eat fruits and drink juices 30-60 minutes before meals
*Eat whole, unrefined grains and cereals
*Eat more food raw or lightly steamed. Heating food over 118 degrees will kill enzymes
*Do not eat oxidized foods (fruit, which has turned brown, has begun to oxidize)
*Eat fermented foods
*Be disciplined with the food you eat

E. Good water

Water is essential for your health. Drinking “good water” such as mineral water or hard water, which has much calcium and magnesium, keeps your body at an optimal alkaline pH.

*Adults should drink at least 6-10 cups of water every day
*Drink 1-3 cups of warm water after waking up in the morning
*Drink 2-3 cups of water about one hour before each meal

F. Here are a few things that each individual should practice

1. Moderate exercise: Some good forms of exercise are walking (2.5 miles), swimming, tennis, bicycling, golf, muscle strengthening, yoga, martial arts and aerobics.

2. Adequate rest:
*Go to bed at the same time every night and get 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
*Do not eat or drink 4 or 5 hours before bedtime, if you are hungry or thirsty a small piece of fruit may be eaten one hour before retiring as it will digest quickly
*Take a short nap of about 30 minutes after lunch

3. Breathing & meditation:
*Practice meditation
*Practice positive thinking
*Do deep abdominal breathing 4 or 5 times per hour. The exhale should be twice as long as the inhale. This is very important as deep breaths help to rid the body of toxins and free radicals.
*Wear loose clothing that does not restrict your breath
*Listen to your own body and be good to yourself

4. Joy & love:
*Joy and love will boost your body’s enzyme factor
*Take time every day for an attitude of appreciation
*Live passionately and engage your life, your work, and the ones you love with your full heart

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